Nate Washe

I wonder what he would think if people showed up at the Redeeming Grace Church where he is the Pastor in Alton. 3030 Brown Street, Alton, IL 62002 seems not very far away according to Google Maps.

No matter what the topic, the Alestle always seems to find someone who is concerned about something. From a new Starbucks coffee store to a 9/11 tribute, if there is some fake outrage, the Alestle will create it... I mean find it!

It would be cool if the new campus CSDI did something to work with LGBT students. It seems they have been only really focused on black students- which is definitely a need too. LGBT students cross race lines and would likely benefit from their other initiatives for black students too.

This is a really odd title after reading how proactive the campus has been. It doesn't fit the story.