Men’s soccer loses Bronze Boot game in double overtime

With roughly 10 seconds left in double overtime, St. Louis University broke the 1-1 tie and headed back across the river with the Bronze Boot in tow. 

As The Alestle previously reported, the rivalry was re-established last year when the two teams faced each other in their first regular season matchup since 1995. Last year’s Bronze Boot game ended in a tie. 

Junior midfielder Jaime Izquierdo Roiz said while the team knew the crowd came with high expectations in tow, the team tried to treat it like any other game. 

“We knew there was a big expectation for this game, we knew it was going to be a big crowd, but we just took it as another game,” Izquierdo Roiz said. “We practiced the same way [and] did the same things.”  

Almost 11 minutes into the game, SLU senior forward Leo Novaes scored the game’s first goal, assisted by SLU senior midfielder Devin Boyce. 

Sophomore midfielder Kelby Phillips said he thought the Cougars responded well in the wake of SLU taking the first goal. 

“We responded really quick to their goal, so I thought the momentum was going to shift our way,” Phillips said. 

Senior midfielder Jorgen Pettersen tied up the game approximately 15 minutes later, scoring SIUE’s first and only goal, assisted by senior midfielder Mathias Krigbaum. 

With neither team breaking the tie during the second half, the game went into two ten-minute overtimes. With 10 seconds left to score, SLU freshman midfielder Kipp Keller scored the winning goal off a corner kick by his teammate Novaes. 

While SLU’s winning goal came late into the second overtime, leading some fans to assume a tie, Wassermann said he was not surprised such a late goal determined the end result of the game. 

“I’ve been in enough of these games to know a goal can come with one second left,” Wassermann said. “I’ve been on the winning and the losing end of it. I think our guys knew that too, I don’t think anyone took their foot off the gas, I just think they had two too-late set pieces and they’re hard to defend.” 

Even with Friday’s loss, Roiz said the team has been making great strides this year, and he’s optimistic about the rest of the season. 

“We’ve already started to see a lot of things improve,” Roiz said. “I feel like everyone is really committed to this team and to make this year a really good year. We just take [it] a game at a time, and we’ll see what the future holds for us — hopefully something big.” 

The Cougars will face Butler University at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 17 at Korte Stadium.

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