BRIEF: Women’s basketball ends trip to Chicago 1-1

Sophomore forward Allie Troeckler (right) drives the ball up the court, battled by Saint Louis University’s redshirt junior center Amber Lindfors (left) at SLU on Dec. 1. 

Women’s basketball played Loyola on Dec. 6 and lost to the Ramblers. The Cougars bounced back on Dec. 8 with a win over Chicago State.

The Cougars sit at a 4-3 record but have not seen conference play yet.

SIUE lost to Loyola 43 to 56, and penalties were a major factor. Loyola was given 25 free throws and made 20. Both teams had more than 14 attempts but only made two 3-pointers.

SIUE finished with a 32.1 percent field goal percentage, where the Ramblers finished with 33.3 percent.

The Cougars conceded 12 turnovers as Loyola gave up 10. SIUE scored 10 points off the turnovers while Loyola scored nine.

Loyola maintained control of the lead for most of the game and had the biggest lead of the game with 13-points.

Non-starters scored almost half the total of SIUE’s points by having 18 bench points.

Redshirt senior guard Nakiah Bell had the second-most play time with 36 minutes for SIUE. Bell also scored the most points for SIUE with 16 and was not on the starting squad.

Bell was the only Cougar to successfully attempt three-point shots. Nine 3-point shots were attempted by Bell and two were made.

SIUE dominated against Chicago state with a win of 82 to 66 and maintained the lead for most of the game. SIUE’s largest lead ended at 28.

Chicago State was awarded the most free throws, 37, but did not lead the Cougars on much else.

Both teams had a 33.3 percent conversion rate for three-point attempts, but SIUE made six while Chicago State made two.

The Cougars finished with a 45.9 percent field goal conversion rate, making 28 of the 61 attempts.

Sophomore forward and guard Allie Troeckler played the second most for SIUE with 33 minutes but scored the most with 17 points. Troeckler finished perfectly in free throws by making all five attempts.

The Cougars will not see conference play until they face Southeast Missouri on Jan. 3. They will go to Champaign, Illinois, this Saturday to play the 6-2 Fighting Illini. Illinois sits in sixth place in the Big 10 conference and has a two-win streak.

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