BRIEF: Slow start leads to an exciting second half of Women’s Soccer game

Women’s soccer faced off against Morehead State University in the first Ohio Valley Conference home game and won the game 5-0, with all goals being scored in the second half of the game. The first goal of the game was scored after SIUE forced Morehead State to score on their own goal.


Neither team scored a goal during the first half of the game. SIUE had 11 shots on goal, while Morehead University had only two shots on goal.


Lydia Harris, a senior defender, said the team had some chances in the first half to score but didn’t follow through even though the team was working together well. 


We definitely [had] a lot of chances in the first half but we weren't finishing on them,” Harris said.


After halftime the game picked up, SIUE scored five goals in the next 45 minutes. The first goal of the game was scored less than a minute after the second half started. Morehead State University was forced to score on their own goal, giving SIUE the first goal of the game. 


Head Coach Derek Burton said the team only talked for about a minute during halftime, and said that he emphasized getting the energy up. 


“We just had a quick word and made it clear we need to pick up our performance a notch in terms of energy and urgency in our game. That was number one,” Burton said. 


Less than three minutes later, SIUE scored again. MacKenzie Litzsinger, a redshirt senior forward, was assisted by Megan Keeven, a redshirt senior defender, and Lily Schnieders, a sophomore forward. 


Keeven said the defense worked together to get the ball around the field and up towards the goal. 


 “I think altogether like we're very cohesive in our backline, and through the midfield. We're able to get a lot of passes from the back and connect through the midfield …  [it] made a huge difference,” Keeven said. 


SIUE scored again five minutes later, putting the score at 3-0. Maria Haro, a junior forward, was assisted by Schnieders and Litzsinger, with clean passes from the back. 


The Cougars scored their fourth goal of the game in minute 70 of the game. Kaitlyn Nichols, a freshman forward, was assisted by Sidney Christopher, a sophomore midfielder, for Nichols’ first collegiate goal. 


SIUE scored their fifth goal of the game, after three shots on goal all blocked by Morehead State goalkeeper. Angel Ikeda, a midfield senior, was assisted by Christopher to score the final goal of the game in the last 10 minutes. 

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