Staying active is possible inside too

With increasing, temperatures regularly reaching 100 degrees and continuing to rise, staying active isn’t always easy. If the gym isn’t an option, there are plenty of ways to be active in your own home.

From the usual at-home workouts you see online all the time to making your own routine, there are many options.

While it should be mentioned that not all workouts are the same when it comes to at-home routines, the important thing is accomplishing your goals.

To start with, it depends on the goal that is desired. If stamina and conditioning are your goal, cardio is the path to take.

From HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), people can gain a lot in terms of fitness, and the great part is that it’s versatile. According to a study by the University of Mexico, the benefits of HIIT can be seen in shorter amounts of time than standard endurance training, and in some cases has shown to be better.

The variety also comes from what kind of workouts you can do as exercise. According to an article from Coach magazine, these kinds of workouts can involve using your own bodyweight such as push-ups and using gravity, to any amount of equipment.

A good example of a movement you can add to any workout, especially HIIT, is a burpee due to its versatility and the different variations you can do.

While HIIT is a good option for cardio, that same article also states that it has benefits for building muscle as well.

If HIIT isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other options as well. Something as simple and fun as dancing or Zumba could also be something to try.

Zumba, a type of dance workout, has been a growing trend for those interested in more upbeat styles of fitness. It involves energetic dancing classes that can be done at both high and low intensities that serve to help get people of all different fitness levels to have fun exercising.

At-home fitness doesn’t need a name or any sort of identity in order for you to stay in shape, either. It can be as simple as movements like jumping jacks, pushups or even an activity you can do with others such as hula hooping.

According to an article from Eat This, Not That, there are countless other exercises that you can do to not only boost your physical fitness, but your mental wellbeing as well.

Being active at home is far from impossible, and in some ways is as beneficial as the gym for people who need a more time effective way to commit to their health without leaving their home or family.

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