Kristof Kendrick and Terrance McGee

Terrance McGee (left) and Kristof Kendrick (right)

Terrance McGee and Kristof Kendrick are bringing their talents to SIUE’s men’s basketball team as the newest assistant coaches. 


Head Coach Brian Barone said he is excited to bring Kendrick and McGee onto the men’s basketball team and feels they will make great additions. 


“I’ve had a relationship with both of them for more than a decade and have seen their successes on and off the court and they’re high-character people, so I really look forward to continuing to plug in good people with experience and knowledge so our guys can grow with the addition of these two,” Barone said. 


Barone said Kendrick radiates positive energy and will help make the team perform better with his coaching. 


“He’s phenomenal at engaging people in a way that makes you feel better,” Barone said. “I know that that’s going to impact our team in a way that’s going to be a huge impact that he can bring to the table, along with his successes and connections in being around basketball and recruiting.” 


Barone said McGee has experienced playing at a high level and has worked hard, eventually becoming one of the best players during his time at the Missouri Valley Conference. 


“I think he’s carried that over to his coaching,” Barone said. “He’s been around some very good players, developed some very good players and as a person he has a high reputation of being a man of high character, so I’m really excited about bringing that on board.”


McGee said he’s known Barone for more than 10 years and he looks forward to helping him fulfill his vision of what he wants for the men’s basketball team. 


“I just love basketball in general. It’s been a part of my life for a long time so anytime you start something new and try to build towards something special, it's always exciting,” McGee said. 


McGee said before coming to SIUE, he was an assistant coach for five years at SIU Carbondale under Head Coach Barry Hinson. 


“I’ve always been a sports fan, but basketball was a place to get away for a bit,” McGee said. “I just fell in love with it.”


McGee said he has gotten a chance to work with the guys on the team. He said he feels they are hardworking and determined for the upcoming season. 


“There's a couple of things that we, of course, have to build on and get better at but I think our guys are locked in,” McGee said. “I think they want it so it’s always real when they’re hungry.”


McGee said his favorite thing about coaching is giving back through his own experiences and getting the chance to invest time in others and watch them grow. 


“I get a chance to help these young men reach a dream they’ve been dreaming about for so long,” McGee said. “The biggest thing that gives me joy is being able to help them be a part of their journey and to help them be successful in life no matter what that looks like for them.”


Barone said the last two seasons were difficult because of the breaks, but his team managed to stick together and rise to the occasion. He said he looks forward to seeing his team attack any challenge this upcoming season. 


“Our guys are working hard and we’re really looking to make an impact upon one another on this conference coming up,” Barone said.


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