After a Friday night fall to Saint Louis University, the women’s soccer team recorded its first home win against Western Illinois University.

The Cougars lost 2-1 against SLU in double overtime after holding their opponents 1-0 for the entire first half. After a goal from SLU in the 75th minute of the game, the Cougars fought the tie in two overtime battles until a shot from SLU nearly missed the Cougars’ senior goalkeeper Jennifer Pelley. 

After a 48-hour turnaround, the Cougars earned an early goal against WIU and shut them out 1-0. This marks Pelley’s 25th career shutout and the Cougars’ fourth for the season. Head Coach Derek Burton said the team worked hard on learning to expand its gameplay.

“Friday was a good, hard-fought game. We were winning; we weren’t able to hang on. We gave up a fairly late goal. It was just a lapse of concentration for a second late in the second overtime, [which] gave up a late goal,” Burton said. “We played well, but didn’t finish the game. Sunday, we took it [to] the next step and completed the game, got the shutout and are happy with the progression.”

Burton said a standout performance this weekend came from sophomore forward Katye Skrivan.

“[Skrivan] was really good all weekend and really effective yesterday,” Burton said.

Helping to create a strong beginning to both games this weekend, sophomore forward Caroline Hoefert showed her progression as a player, according to Burton.

“Hoefert was good, especially in the first half of both games. She’s definitely coming along and coming into her own,” Burton said.

Yesterday’s winning goal was scored by senior midfielder Cassidy Sherman, who Burton said contributed greatly to the game as well.

“[Sherman] definitely made an impact in yesterday’s game,” Burton said.

According to Burton, the team will continue focusing on progression from game to game and continue learning from each of their experiences.

“It’s just learning — that’s kind of what we’ve been focusing on. What this team needs is just to take something from every game, win or lose, and continue to get better. That’s pretty much what we’re focusing on doing right now,” Burton said.

Burton said one aspect of the game the Cougars need to work on is performance stability as they continue to improve as players.

“Our consistency is something we always strive for. It’s definitely an area teamwise that we need to continue to get better at, and that’s our approach every day in practice and how we approach the game and the game plan, and just continue to develop as soccer players,” Burton said.

The Cougars compete at their home stadium once again this weekend on Friday, Sept. 18 against Missouri State University.

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