Working (out) from home

Campus Recreation’s fitness instructors have made the switch to online live-

stream workouts, allowing those who have normally taken their classes to still get their workouts.

Kayce Beatty is the Fitness Programs Coordinator for Campus Rec, and she created the schedule for these online workouts. The workouts themselves are being created by the individual instructors.

“They are all group fitness instructors who teach for Campus Rec currently,” Beatty said. “They have been teaching with us all year, all semester. They were the ones who agreed to continue teaching online for the live videos.”

According to Beatty, Campus Rec has 19 live classes each week, with nine of them being done via Zoom and the other 10 being done on their Facebook page.They have had many people show up and participate in their workouts.

“I think our highest participant count was 45 for a Zumba class,” Beatty said.“ I took an average of all the class numbers and it was 32 per class. It’s awesome!”

One of the fitness instructors who hosts some of these workouts is freshman business administration major Tessa Schwarzentraub. She teaches yoga classes on Mondays and Fridays, and she posts her live-stream workouts on the Campus Rec Facebook page.

Schwarzentraub said even though these classes are live-streamed, viewers can still go back after the workout is over and get their workout in if they missed it.

“I’ll livestream [my workout] and I post it on the Campus Rec timeline. There’s a bunch of videos on there from past sessions,” Schwarzentraub said.

Freshman business major Kelly Cruise is also an instructor. She teaches a class called “Total Body Burn” on Mondays and Wednesdays. Cruise said her classes focus on a mixture of cardio and strength exercises.

Cruise said there are multiple workout classes you can participate in throughout the week.

“There is a schedule posted on the Campus Rec [home] page that shows when

classes are throughout the week,” Cruise said.

According to Cruise, even though participants aren’t there in person, they can still communicate with the instructors using the chat feature on Facebook Live.

“I have had a couple people who have been consistent and been on multiple livestreams and have liked or commented, so I know that they are participating, which is really nice,” Cruise said.

According to both Schwarzentraub and Cruise, people comment on their vid-eos saying how much they have enjoyed the workouts and some have even thanked Campus Rec for uploading the videos.

“I’ve had a couple people say that they have enjoyed the workouts,” Cruise said. “Just as a broad comment a bunch of people have thanked the Campus Rec for putting these [online].”

Those interested in finding a workout plan should visit SIUE Campus Rec’s Facebook page.

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