The SIUE Cougars played against Murray State Racers in a softball game at the Cougar's home ground, the Cougar Field. In spite of being on away soil, the Racers defeated the Cougars 6-1 in the third game of the series. 


With this defeat, SIUE Cougars fell to 8-16 overall and 0-3 in the OVC. The Murray State Racers on the other hand improved to 19-8 overall and 3-0 in the OVC. 


P.J. Finigan, the team’s interim head coach, expressed his frustration and disappointment in the game.


“We gotta get better in every area,” Finigan said. “I don’t think anybody would be happy with what we did in any phase of the game this weekend,” 


The Racers won the battle of pitches as well. Sophomore pitcher and first baseman Mia Haynes of Burke, Virginia, allowed nine hits and struck out six, but still fell short to the Racers' Hannah James, redshirt junior from Nicholasville, Kentucky, and Jenna Veber, redshirt sophomore from Oswego, Illinois, who managed to allow only four hits. Still, Coach Finigan said that Haynes pitched a lot better than what results demonstrate.


Despite the defeat, the highlight of the matchup for the Cougars was the sixth-inning home run by redshirt sophomore Bailley Concatto, who went out to bat twice. Coach hopes that the fight shown by the team late in the game carries on to Tuesday’s non-conference match at Champaign, Illinois, to be held at 5 p.m.


Redshirt sophomore Lexi King from Goreville, Illinois, went up to the plate three times to bat and managed one hit. Abby Braundmeier from Aviston, Illinois, had similar batting statistics, batting three times to get one hit. Freshman Aerin Talley from Spencer, Oklahoma, also managed to get a hit while going out to bat twice.


“They are a good team. It is something we’re gonna move on from, learn from, and hopefully stay away from as we get forward,’’ Finigan said.


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