Softball begins fall season 1-1 against SLU, Wabash Valley

Senior outfielder Alyssa Heren prepares to slap hit the incoming pitch against Saint Louis University at Cougar Field.

The Cougars began their fall season at home with a 4-0 win against Wabash Valley and a 5-0 loss to Saint Louis University. 

“I think we all played pretty good, but there are little things as a team that we can improve on, and we’re a very young team so it’ll all come with experience and practice,” sophomore infielder Alana Cobb-Adams said.

The Cougars earned a .320 hitting percentage for the day with a total of 16 hits. 

“As a team we hit, I think, .320 on the day. Again that’s a positive thing,” Interim Head Coach Jessica Jones said. “Again, against SLU we didn’t get the timely hitting that we needed, but we had a few definite highlights; Alana had four hits on the day.”

SIUE pitched a total of 25 strikeouts between the two games. Junior pitcher Emily Ingles and Sophomore pitcher Corrina Rivas had strong performances against Wabash Valley and SLU, respectively.

“Rivas had 10 strikeouts in her game, and Emily had 15 strikeouts in her game, so that’s hard to beat,” Jones said. “We failed to get the quality pitches in crucial situations. At times, we would have a walk and they’d follow that by a hit, and those are the things we’re going to work on though the winter and the rest of the fall.”

In order to succeed in the spring, Jones said the team will continue to improve on their pitching and hitting game.

“Overall, I think it went pretty well. We saw a few things that we need to work on … the game’s all about good pitching and timely hitting, and it being the fall and being young, that experience  obviously will come with time, so overall I was happy with the kids,” Jones said.

According to Cobb-Adams, a big improvement from these games will be to bring in the runners left on bases.

“I think the biggest thing we need to improve on is keeping our intensity up no matter what the score is and also capitalize when there are runners on bases to score them,” Cobb-Adams said.

SIUE softball plays again at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. against Parkland and Three Rivers Saturday at Cougar Field. 

“We play Saturday, and Saturday and Sunday of next week,  both home games, so come check us out,” Jones said.

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