BRIEF: Esports plans to expand activities to Youtube this semester

After an already successful “Let’s Play” of Rocket League, the Esports Club is excited to teach some of the other games they play competitively. 


The term “Let’s Play” is a general term used to describe a type of follow-along playthrough of a game that serves to teach and preview the game as well as entertain viewers.


Junior secondary education major Ben Wilke of St. Rose, Illinois, is the president of the club and said the initial decision to add Let’s Plays came as a result of his desire to help people get more involved and out of their comfort zone by teaching them how to play.


Wilke said he will be personally involved as well, being taught some of the games he doesn’t know very well.


The Let’s Plays will cover some of the various games the Esports Club plays competitively such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and aims to bring a more competitive type of Let’s Play, showing people what competitive play is all about.


The streams themselves will be put on by the coordinators of each team for the specific game they help oversee.


Among other items, a grudge match consisting of several games such as Valorant, Rocket League and Overwatch against SIUC is planned for Nov. 6 in the Esports Arena in the Bluff Hall Activity Wing.


For more information, check out the Esports club Twitter, as well as their Discord and Youtube to meet some of the members and see what events are coming up.

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