Cougar forward Lily Schnieders awarded OVC Offensive Player of the Week twice this season

Lily Schnieders, a junior forward on the women’s soccer team, has earned Ohio Valley Conference Offensive Player of the Week twice this season.


Players are awarded OVC Offensive Player of the week depending on the number of goals scored in a game, minutes played or amount of assists in a week, which is typically two games according to Schnieders  


Schnieders said seeing all her hard work paying off this season is amazing. She said she is recovering from an injury over the summer, so to be awarded OVC Offensive Player of the Week twice this season alone makes her feel good. This season Schnieders has had six goals and five assists. 


Head Coach Derek Burton said Schnieders is a double threat on the team. He said she is wonderful at not only scoring but creating scoring opportunities for her teammates. She has a high soccer IQ, a really good understanding of the game according to Burton. 


“She's got a very good shot, very dangerous shot so she's a threat both ways to create and help manufacture goal but also to be on the end of the goal and score herself,” Burton said. 


Andrea Frerker, a fifth-year senior midfielder on the women’s soccer team, said that Schnieders has a knack for finding the back of the net. 


“She's definitely positive and she's fun to be around off the field, but on the field, she's a voice and she gets directions out there, she's goal-hungry and I think that's just a good quality to have in the forward and she's a natural at that,” Frerker said.


The women’s soccer team currently has 11 senior or super seniors who will be graduating this coming year and will need to be replaced with younger players, according to Schnieders. She said she’s excited to step up and help lead the newer players.  


“As a leader and [one of] the oldest persons on the team, I'm just gonna do my best to help out. Be a good leader and help us win maybe another championship if we can win this year. Being a good leader is probably the biggest thing I'm going to do next season as a senior,” Schnieders said. 


Burton said he has already seen Schnieders have some leadership experience, learning from the older players, and continuing the legacy of leadership on the team. 


“I think she's had a good experience with our older players -with our leaders- that she's grown in our program. I think that helps kind of perpetuate continued leadership. I know she's really looking forward to being one of those older players next year,” Burton said. “She certainly has the capability on the field and she is a very, very supportive teammate, so I know she's going to be exceptional in that role.”


Schnieders said she is excited for the upcoming OVC Championship games and next season. 


“I want to say the team's looking good. We're excited to maybe win another championship and I love my team. I enjoy being here. I enjoy playing soccer. [We have had] lots of ups and downs, but we persevered through that and it allowed us to be OVC champions of our conference. We pushed and we grinded which is allowing us to be successful,” Schnieders said. 


Women's soccer competes Friday, Nov. 5  in the OVC Championship semifinals for a place in the finals held on Nov. 7.

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