BRIEF: Esports hosts Super Smash Bracket: SLU, SIUC among other schools that participated

BRIEF: Esports hosts Super Smash Bracket: SLU, SIUC among other schools that participated 


SIUE hosted the Super Smash Bracket on Friday, Oct. 15. Among participating schools were players from our sister school SIUC, as well as SLU. Esports tournaments are also open to the public. 


There was an anonymous donation of $100 for the tournament winner. This was the biggest bracket yet, with 35 participants, and the stream lasted five hours. 


The winner was the gamer tag Blaze, who is not an SIUE student, but from the St. Louis area. Overall, Blaze was the No. 2 seed in the tournament and played very well. 


The semifinals were a best-of-five series, and Blaze took three of the five to advance to the winner finals. In the winner finals, which were also best-of-five, Blaze went three and zero and won the championship 3-2.


Three SIUE students came out in the top eight to finish the tournament. 


Junior secondary Education major Ben Wilke of St. Rose, Illinois, is the president of the Esports club said the turnout from SLU and SIUC stood out and surprised him. He said he is greatly appreciative that they came out and participated. He also said that it’s great that students get the chance to be involved and hopes more will in future.


More info about SIUE Esports can be found on their Discord and Twitter.


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