On Friday, Sept. 25, the women’s soccer team went into double overtime against Southeast Missouri State University, but the game ended in a draw. On Sunday, Sept. 27, the team took a fall against the University of Tennessee at Martin with the game ending 1-0.

During the game against SMSU, the Cougars had two saves, three shots on goal and 14 fouls.

Although there were no goals made against SMSU, Head Coach Derek Burton said he is still proud of his team and their performance.

“It wasn’t a bad result,” Burton said. “It was an evenly played game, but there were not many opportunities made for us to score.”

Burton said he was more disappointed in the way things ended for his team in the game against UT Martin because the Cougars had more goal opportunities than in their game against Southeast Missouri. 

“There were a lot more quality chances for us to score [against UT Martin] than the last game, so it was more disappointing for us not to come home with a win,” Burton said.

On Sunday, the Cougars had 10 shots on goal, seven saves, and only three fouls against UT Martin. Even with more opportunities to score Sunday than Friday night’s game, Burton said he was upset that his team could not get any goals and complete the game out with a win.

“We couldn’t finish,” Burton said. “We did everything but finish.”

Even though the Cougars were unable to score, Burton said he was proud of how the Cougars were on the defensive end. 

“We had a lot of heart on the defensive work along the field,” Burton said. “Something that we built and emphasized — that was positive in both games.”

Burton said he is hopeful for the future and knows his team will bounce back from their game against UT Martin and Southeast Missouri.

“I feel good,” Burton said. “I am super confident in the team that we have. It’s all about taking the next step.”

The Cougars compete at home against Jacksonville State University at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 2.

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