BRIEF: High temps don’t stop women’s soccer from winning the home opener

Andrea Frerker, a senior midfielder, and Matea Diekema, a freshman midfielder, look towards the ball, hoping for a header. Kansas City Sam Marek, a junior midfielder, and Anna Jenning, a senior midfielder, look as well. Emma Dutko, a sophomore midfielder, watches ready to spring into action, with Kayda Kamolz, a freshman midfielder for Kansas City, stands by as well

SIUE Women’s Soccer team took on the Kansas City Roos on Sunday, Aug. 29. Despite the high temps and an hour and 11-minute lightning delay, SIUE came out on top. The final score was 2-1.

Despite temps sitting around 90 degrees at the start of the game, 164 people were in attendance, with good support for both SIUE Cougars and Kansas City Roos. Twice throughout the game, the players were allowed a water break, due to the high temperatures. Andrea Frerker, a senior midfielder, talked about how it was to play that day. 

“It was hot, hard to breathe, but overall, it was a good game,” Frerker said 

The first 34 minutes of the game went smoothly, with no goals, no surprises until a 30-minute lightning delay was called. The 30 minutes soon became an hour and 11 minutes, until it was announced it was safe to play again and both teams flooded the field as the sun broke through the clouds. Both teams warmed up for 10 minutes before the game resumed at 3:56 p.m. 

In the 44th minute, Sidney Christopher, a freshman midfielder, scored the first goal in the game. It was an unassisted goal but Christopher gives a lot of credit to Taylor Dolt, a sophomore defender. 

“We work on following the goal, so when Taylor got it forward, I happened to be right there and followed through to a goal,” Christopher said. 

This goal was Christopher’s first goal of the season as well as her first collegiate goal. Her goal also broke the 0-0 tie between the two teams, so Chrisptoher’s teammates were excited about that.

 “It was super exciting for [Christopher] to come off the bench and put one in, especially before half-time,” Frerker said.

At the start of the second half of the game, Bella Henderson, a junior goalkeeper, subbed in for senior goalkeeper Jensen Schoch.

The second Cougar goal came in the 51st minute of the game. Lily Schnieders, a sophomore forward, scored a goal with a kick that sailed past two Kansas City defenders. It was assisted by Angel Ikeda, a senior midfielder, and MacKenzie Litzsinger, a redshirt sophomore forward. 

Head Coach Derek Burton said it was an important play of the game. 

“It was a great play following four consecutive corner kicks,” Burton said. “It’s something we work on all the time, more in theory than actually play.” 

Kansas City scored a goal in the 87th minute of the game. Anna Jennings, a sophomore midfielder, scored the Roos only goal of the game, unassisted. 

The Cougars played an away game against Drake University on Sept. 3 where they lost 1-0. They also played an away game on Sept. 5th against Iowa State University where they were defeated 1-0. 

Burton said that the team’s performance in the game against KC played into their practice plays for the week prepping for upcoming games.

“We had really good performance based on what we did well during the week, and really improved those skills in that game … a good step forward in progress,” Burton said. 

Women’s Soccer’s next home game is 7 p.m. Sept. 9. It will be played at Korte Stadium.

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