BRIEF: SIUE men’s soccer loses Homecoming game to Bradley University

Steven Bibas, a junior midfielder, and Sam Layton, a sophomore midfielder, go after the ball.


SIUE had a strong start in the first half, but was defeated in the last few minutes of overtime.


Alex Segura, a first-year graduate student forward, scored the first goal of the game for SIUE within two minutes of the match. He was assisted by Oskar Lenz, a sophomore midfielder. 


Bradley quickly evened the score, with a goal in the fifth minute of the game. Camden Kowalski, a freshman midfielder, was assisted by Micheal Rogalski, a freshman defender.


The Cougars soon got back on top with Kelby Phillips, a junior midfielder, scoring his first goal of the season three minutes later. The lead did not last long as Bradley soon scored again, 15 minutes into the game.


Bradley’s tying goal was scored by Patrick Fishburne, a freshman midfielder, who was assisted by Francesco Pettinaroli, another freshman midfielder. 


Less than 15 minutes later, SIUE scores their third goal of the night. Pau Palacin, a freshman midfielder, was assisted by Philips, for SIUE’s last goal of the night. 


The next goal was scored by Bradley, tying the game 3-3. Jack Douglas, drew SIUE’s goalkeeper, Lluis Martorell away from the net with a long pass from the back and scored on an unprotected net. 


With 11 minutes left in the regulation 90 minutes, SIUE was issued a red card. Harvey Moyes, a graduate student midfielder, was taken out of the game leaving SIUE with only ten men on the field. 


The game went into two ten-minute overtime periods. Bradley scored the winning goal with two minutes left in the second overtime, making the final score 4-3.


SIUE will be playing the Evansville Aces at 7 p.m on Sept. 29 in Evansville, Indiana. The next home game will be at 7 p.m. on Oct. 9 against Drake University. 


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