Esports Club Sweeps SIUC in all parts of the grudge match

After an intense day of gaming, the Esports Club took the day with wins in all five game categories against SIUC.


Throughout the day, the Valorant, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends and Super Smash Bros Ultimate teams each played one game, aside from Smash Ultimate’s various rounds.


Junior secondary education major Ben Wilke of St. Rose, Illinois, is the president of the club and said that despite some technical difficulties throughout the day, the event went very well.


“We had a good showcase of both Carbondale and Edwardsville players and we had UGC [Twitch streaming talkshow] who I am very thankful for that they came out and did the production for us,” Wilke said. “Today we saw a lot of students put a lot of dedication into what they do.”


In terms of performance, Wilke said he believes both sides had very impressive plays throughout the day.


“It’s really hard to pinpoint who stood out because everyone stood out in their own specific way. I mean we can have some [SIUE] Valorant players who stood out really well with some cross-map kills [and] some Carbondale players gave a lot of our Edwardsville players a run for their money,” Wilke said.


Being one of the larger events the club has had in some time, Wilke said he enjoyed getting to play against players who were as dedicated to gaming as he and the rest of the club are.


“Having people come together — especially in the midst of a pandemic — having this love of competitive video games come through and having them be all just one unit, I think that [it’s been] my favorite part about today,” Wilke said.


Senior automotive technology and mechanical engineering major Nathan Diazleal of Franklin Park, Illinois, is the president of the SIUC Esports Club and said he didn’t necessarily have a favorite game that day, but wished they also could have included Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League in the matches.


Senior computer science major Jared Schneider of Red Bud, Illinois, is a member of the Cougar’s League of Legends team. He said he was confident going into the game itself, but that this was also his first time playing in an in-person event against another team.


“I know there were problems in the past with people being able to hear people [on the other team] so my main goal was to have fun [and] take advantage of the fact that they can hear me,” Schneider said. 


Being a member of the League team for years before, Schneider said the pandemic prevented them from having events like these before, but he was excited to get to play.


“It’s pretty interesting to see the other teams. Obviously you get to meet people [online] … but you get to know people and see them play as well,” Schneider said. “I kind of wish we would get to play more than one game, but with having so many of the other teams playing in one day it’s pretty understandable.”


Senior geography major Noah Ward of Goreville, Illinois, is a member of the Cougars’ Rainbow Six Siege team, who beat Carbondale’s team with a 1-0 final score. Ward said he believes that Carbondale did well against them despite being the less experienced team.


“I’ll give credit to Carbondale. We’ve been practicing together now for probably three or four years, so we’re very used to working together as a team and we have a lot more competitive experience. I know their program is a lot newer for Rainbow Six from what I’ve heard, so I think they played very well,” Ward said.


With the Rainbow Six team in mind, Ward said one of their members, Junior business major Jarred Ramsey of Decatur, Illinois, or better known on the team as GoldUnicorn had what he’d consider an especially impressive play where he was able to score two kills with a single C4 charge.

For more information about the Esports Club and other events like this, check out their Twitter, as well as their Discord and Youtube.

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