After an unexpected weather delay, the exhibition game resumed in a close 1-1 tie during the second period before a winning goal by the University of Illinois-Springfield. 


The Prairie Stars gained the lead 64:54 into the second half after scoring their first unassisted goal against the Cougars. 


The Cougars bounced back around only two minutes later at 66:29, with a goal by Pau Palacin from Alizira, Spain, assisted by Myles Sophanavong of Peoria, Illinois.


Men’s soccer head coach Cale Wassermann said he thought a tough opponent like UIS was a great test in preseason. He said he thought this was the most physical game the team had had so far.


“We played them in the spring; it was a very close game as well, so for preseason with a rain delay I thought we got what we needed out of it even if the result didn’t go our way,” Wassermann said. “It tested us a little bit in that regard. I overall was pleased with the night and I think it will help prepare us for our trip to California.”


Both teams maintained a nearly equal possession of the ball and similar total shots, with 10 from UIS and 9 from SIUE, 7-5 being on goal. 


After 18-11 fouls by SIUE and UIS in total, the Prairie Stars scored the final goal of the night 80:09 into the game, bringing the score to 2-1 for UIS. 


Wassermann said although the team had a slow start during the first half, they have a high standard and want to be in the mix competing for a championship this year. 


“We just have to be the ones setting the tone. I thought we were with the tone as opposed to the ones pushing the envelope a little bit, I thought once the goal came everyone’s intensity rose up,” Wassermann said.

The Cougars play their next game against Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles at 5 p.m. tonight. Follow the live stats here.

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