SIUE men’s basketball beats Knox in first victory of the season

Red shirt Sophomore, Lamar Wright, from Memphis, Tennessee, goes up for a shot against Knox defender. 

With Knox College repeatedly waiting out the shot timer and SIUE deftly dodging through the defenses, the men’s basketball team took their first win of the season.


By halfway through the first quarter, the game was already clearly in SIUE’s hands. Despite some good plays from Knox, the score was 25-17 by 6:15, and after another minute, a missed basket from graduate student guard Shaun Doss Jr. gave redshirt sophomore guard Shamar Wright the opportunity for a great dunk.


Not about to be outplayed by his twin, redshirt sophomore forward Lamar Wright followed this up with two baskets in a minute, bringing the score to 31-19.


Another basket from Doss and one from freshman center Jonathan Kurtas took the Cougars to 37 points right before halftime.


In the first six minutes of the second period, the Cougars each got a moment in the spotlight for a moment. Doss scored a strong basket, followed by Lamar about a minute later. Redshirt junior guard Courtney Carter held a very strong defense against Knox, which gave redshirt freshman Ray’Sean Taylor a chance for a basket as well. 


After a flurry of baskets, the score was 45-21 at 15:55 and SIUE had widened their lead even more. That gap became even bigger, thanks to a three-pointer from redshirt freshman guard Desmond Polk that got nothing but net.


Another three-pointer at 11:39 and a basket from redshirt freshman guard Zane Butler brought the Cougars to 54-23.


At six minutes, the Cougars’ defense came out with strength and started playing offense, as Doss, Taylor and Shamar all scored baskets within a minute and a half. The score was now 63-28.


Due to a couple of fouls on Knox, both Polk and Butler both got the team two points each at the line. Polk’s were at 4:25, and Butler’s were at 3:46.


Polk and Butler proved to be a strong duo throughout the game. Shortly after scoring at the foul line, Butler juked the Knox defense and passed the ball to Polk, who went in for a successful dunk. 


With one minute left, the synchronicity between Polk and Butler did not stop, as after Polk’s dunk, they both scored three-pointers, bringing the score to 75-37.


In the final thirty seconds of the game, redshirt junior Cam Williams took the ball and started dribbling the ball very low to the ground, waiting out the timer. The audience quickly caught on and began applauding shortly before the buzzer sounded.


Men’s basketball embarks on the J. Arnold Wealth Management Company Tournament this week, starting at 6:45 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 19 in Youngstown, Ohio. They’ll be competing against Niagara University that night, and, later in the tournament, Youngstown State University and University of St. Thomas.

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