The six game win streak men’s basketball was enjoying was stopped by Bradley University in their game Tuesday night.


After a short stalemate at the start, sophomore guard Demarco Minor scored the first basket of the game in the midst of the Bradley defense. However, Bradley quickly responded with a basket of their own in the paint.


Less than 10 seconds after Bradley’s basket, redshirt junior forward Lamar Wright scored a strong 3 to give SIUE the lead once again. Redshirt sophomore guard Ray’sean Taylor continued the lead with another basket in the paint. Taylor kept the energy up with another basket at 17:00, bringing the score to 3-9.


Over the course of the next 75 seconds, Bradley attempted to bring their score back up, but the SIUE lead was maintained by graduate student guard Jalen Hodge, who scored a 3 at 15:47. About 2 minutes later, he scored another 3, bringing the score to 11-15 at 13:05.


At 11 minutes left in the first half, the teams had both been steadily increasing their scores, bringing it to 15-18. The teams were evenly matched as they spent the next minute after scoring no points and holding the scores. However, a 3 from Bradley tied and another basket thereafter gave them the lead at 9:22.


Redshirt sophomore Desmond Polk scored a basket at 9:07 that brought the tie back, and redshirt junior guard Shamar Wright turned the lead around to SIUE again. Minor and Shamar Wright both scored 3s, cementing the SIUE lead of 28-20 at 6:24. Not about to be outdone by his twin, Lamar Wright stepped up with a 3 of his own at 4:49.


The rest of the half continued with Bradley scoring few baskets and SIUE maintaining the lead. The final basket of the first half came from Taylor with four seconds left, leaving the game at 33-25.


The second half began similarly to the first, with neither team gaining any ground for the first two and a half minutes. The first baskets were scored by Bradley at the foul line. For the next two minutes, Bradley steadily took back the lead. The score was 37-35 at 14:57.


Hodge scored his second 3 of the game 30 seconds later, but Bradley responded with a basket shortly after, barely keeping their lead of 38-39. Bradley followed it up with a 3 to strengthen their lead.


The fight to take back the lead by the end of the game began with sophomore forward Terrance Thompson scoring a basket in the paint. 


After a 3 from Bradley, Shamar Wright got SIUE two more points at the foul line. Another minute and a half passed and Hodge scored SIUE a basket, and Bradley responded with one as well 30 seconds later. 


From 8:34-5:34, the only basket was from Bradley. The game was dwindling down and Bradley still had a strong lead. However, in the next 40 seconds, Shamar Wright scored a basket, and Thompson dunked a basket, bringing the score to 48-49. Bradley scored another basket, but Lamar Wright got SIUE two points on the foul line. 


A dunk and two foul line points from Bradley made the situation look dire for SIUE with :55 seconds left in the game. However, two foul line points from Minor made the comeback appear just within reach.


The final 10 seconds of the game were incredibly tense. The score going in was 55-52. At :07, Lamar Wright had a layup in the paint, bringing it to 55-54. A final foul line shot from Bradley with one last second on the clock cemented their win at 56-54.


Men’s basketball goes to Illinois State University for a game Saturday. The next home game is 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 18 against Illinois Institute of Technology.


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