Men’s soccer welcomes new assistant coach

John Dunn is the former head men’s soccer coach at Indiana Tech, where he was awarded the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference of the Year in 2019 and 2020. 


Dunn said he decided to come to SIUE because he could tell he and Head Coach Cale Wassermann had many similarities from their first conversations. 


“Our philosophies aligned, the way we think about the game, our drive to be successful, I think those were some real factors that stood out immediately. It just seems to be a great fit,” Dunn said. “I was at a very good job at Indiana Tech. I really loved my time there and had a very successful team and I think the team that I left was probably the best that I’ve put together in my career so far, but I just felt all of those factors made it a really exciting time to come to SIUE.” 


Dunn said his coaching philosophy is to play the game in what he considers to be the right way. 


“We want to get the ball on the ground, we want to be on the front foot, to be aggressive, to have players that are technical, that have a hunger, a desire, to be successful on and off the field,” Dunn said.  


Dunn said his goal is to improve the program, and he is encouraged by the strong athletes on the team.  


“We have aspirations to win championships and go back to the NCAA tournament and challenge at the national level,” Dunn said. “I think otherwise, if we didn’t have those aspirations, I would not have moved to SIUE, so my goal is to be part of a nationally successful program and help build on the history of the program any way I can.” 


Wassermann said Dunn was picked due to his experience as both a head and an assistant coach, as well as his experience as the head coach of a team ranked in the top 15 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics program.  


“He was the head coach of Indiana Tech where they won four championships in the last two years,” Wassermann said. “They won their conference championship and their conference tournament championship both years, so his experience recruiting, scouting, running training sessions [and] evaluating video will bring a lot of value to our program right away.” 


Wassermann said he is excited to have Dunn because he is not only extremely competitive, but someone who builds relationships with players and gets to know them off the field. 


“[Dunn] joined us very late on short notice in pre-season, and you can already see him connecting with guys … as a head coach it’s my responsibility to be doing a lot of different things all the time, and I love connecting with players, but at the same time, sometimes if I’m running a training program session and trying to manage the whole group it’s really good if the assistant coaches can connect more individually,” Wassermann said. 


Harvey Moyes, a fifth-year senior midfielder from Glascow, Scotland, said it’s been amazing to work with Dunn, who is also originally from Scotland. 


“He understands my accent and most of the time he understands my bad jokes as well … all my references. At my last school I had one Scottish coach and apart from that I’ve been starved with Scottish companions,” Moyes said “He’s also a Rangers supporter, so we both support the same team, so that’s been good. It makes me feel more at home.” 

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