The Cougars defeated Jacksonville State University 7-0 for another conference win on senior night, Saturday, April 9.

Head Coach Nick Mueller said the match against JSU was elongated because the men’s tennis match lasted until 10 p.m., but the wait was worthwhile.

“We started our match at 7:20 at night, so we finished our match before 10 p.m and then started senior night activities. We didn’t leave the  Edwardsville YMCA Meyer Center until 10:30 at night. Overall, it was a great day, a long day. A lot of tennis you wait around, but that’s how tennis is. You have to be able to endure some of those challenges,” Mueller said.

Mueller said all the seniors played well this past weekend.

“Our team did great; our seniors stepped up. Each one of our seniors won on senior night, which is a nice feeling, going on your home match,” Mueller said.

Among those seniors were Sierra Halverson and Monique Krutak. Halverson and Krutak won at No. 2 doubles against JSU’s Claudia Marsala and Diana Mirceta.

Senior Mckenzie Thomas said the team has done a good job not only at playing individually, but also as a team.

“You have an individual goal, but at the same time, spring season is all about team goals, and so we have to find a balance. I think that is why we have been so successful because we have balanced that really well,” Thomas said.

Krutak also won both of her sets at No. 4 singles against JSU’s Diana Mirceta.

According to senior Monique Krutak, it was exciting to have so many spectators at their match this past weekend.

“It was the biggest crowd we have ever seen, so it was nice to see all of our supporters out there cheering us on,” Krutak said.

Another impeccable performance came from Thomas at No. 6 singles. Thomas conquered her opponent by winning 6-0 in both her sets against JSU’s Courtney Conley.

According to Mueller, all the girls played impressive matches, but commended Thomas for her win this weekend.

“McKenzie Thomas won her last home match, 6-0, 6-0, which is a rare feat in college tennis, and she did it on her last home match, so I would say that really stuck out,” Mueller said.  

The team will be traveling to Morehead, Ky. and Richmond, Ky. to play against Morehead State University and Eastern Kentucky University this weekend, April 16 through 17. These will be the Cougars’ last conference matches of the season.

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