SIUE women’s soccer sweeps SIUC 5-0


The Cougars started strong in their game against Carbondale, with four goals in the first half and one in the second. 


The Cougars started off strong. Lily Schnieders, a sophomore forward from Fenton, Missouri, scored a goal less than five minutes into the first half. Just a minute later, Maria Haro, a redshirt sophomore forward from St. Louis scored the team’s second goal. 


Nineteen minutes into the game, Mackensie Litzsinger, a senior forward from Fenton, Missouri, scored a third goal. Twenty-two seconds later, Haro scored another goal, bringing the score to 4-0. 


The action slowed in the second half, until 20 minutes in, when Litzsinger scored the team’s fifth and final goal. 


Head Coach Derek Burton said the start of the game helped the Cougars achieve their goal. 


“I thought we had a great start to the game, which really helped propel us forward with what we wanted to do overall, and that was [to] really outwork them and have the energy and desire to make the game very difficult for them, and our really strong start helped us do that,” Burton said. 


Burton said to prepare for the game, the team watched videos of SIUC’s last two games to get an idea of what they like to do and how they like to play, but worked on their mindset as well. 


“Really, in terms of our mentality, [we] really tried to work on turning the page from a couple really tight, tough losses last weekend to refocus our energy rebounding,” Burton said. 


With a win secured, Litzsinger said he felt good about the team’s performance. 


“I think it’s really good to get our offense going like that because as a team we’ve noted it has been lacking a little bit,” Litzsinger said. “So being able to finally get it going and getting that many goals is very uplifting and confidence building for us.” 


Litzsinger said Haro handed her first goal on a platter to her. 


“She shot it and it was about a half foot away from the goal line, so that was just lucky I was there,” Litzsinger said. “The other one, Lily played me a really good ball behind and I learned from my mistake the time before that and actually shot the ball, when before that I didn’t.”


Haro said it felt good to get goals in the net, especially coming from the three forwards. She also said she scored her first goal from a through ball from senior midfielder Andrea Frerker, and the second with the help of Litzsinger. 


“I think the first one or the second one, I felt like I kind of dribbled and just took the girl on one [versus] one and then just took my chances,” Haro said. “I feel like a lot of times I just cross the ball in, so I was like, ‘I’m just going to take my chances, especially seeing how they played us in the defense.’ And so obviously it paid off taking those on.”


Women’s soccer plays again Sunday, Sept. 19 in Austin, Texas against the Texas Longhorns. 


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