BRIEF: SIUE loses to Murray in final seconds of game

Senior guard Mikia (11) Keith of Indianapolis makes a break for the opponents basket as senior guard Macey Turley (5) of Murray, Kentucky, of Murray State tries to intercept her.

After the original game was postponed due to COVID-19, SIUE lost to MSU after a hard-fought game, losing by a single basket in the final few seconds of the game. 


SIUE fought hard the whole game, with four players scoring in the double digits. Gabby Nikitinaite, a redshirt senior guard, was the top scorer of the game with 23 points. This is her second-highest game this season, as she scored 27 points against Illinois State University back in December. 


Allie Troeckler, a grad student forward and guard, had 14 points in at halftime, which was a little over a third of all points scored in the first half of the game. She scored without missing a single basket in the first half. She ended the game with 16 points. 


Prima Chellis, a senior forward, ended the game with 16 points and four assists. Mikia Keith, a senior guard, finished off the game with 10 points and five assists. Both players made a new record number of assists in this game.  


The halftime score was 39 to SIUE 39 and 34 to MSU. SIUE and MSU were evenly matched during the third quarter, point for point, but SIUE fell back 11 points during the fourth quarter.


They fought back throughout the entire fourth quarter putting them in sight of a potential win with 2 minutes left in the game. The Cougars managed to pull themselves back into a tie with 14 seconds left in the game after Nikitinaite hit a three-pointer and Troeckler got a layup with an assist from Nikitinaite. 


Murray State then got possession of the ball and managed a basket with five seconds left in the game, winning the game 84-82. 


SIUE will play at home again at 5:30 on Thurs. Jan. 27 against Tennessee State University. They will travel to Missouri on Sat. Jan. 29 to play against Southeast Missouri University.


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