New Assistant women’s soccer coach aims to improve performance with data analysis

SIUE women’s soccer team welcomes Tom Homa, a new assistant soccer coach. Homa’s experience and knowledge in the VX units that track heart rate and player position through GPS will take the team far this year.


Tom Homa, who has played soccer himself since he was 4 years old, is joining the women’s soccer team. Homa also played soccer for the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign, during his own college years. He is bringing along an expert analytical mind and experience in Performance Analysis using GPS units that the players wear during practice.


Homa has worked as a coach in the past, starting out as a graduate assistant at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota working with the men’s team, then moving to the University of South Florida where he again worked for the men's team. This past year he worked with Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois with the women’s soccer team until this past July when he moved to Edwardsville. 


SIUE is known for its soccer teams and Homa plans to continue the Cougar legacy. 


“We're a team that should be competing for conference titles every year. So, obviously, our goal is to win a conference and get [to the] NCAA tournament. Aside from that, getting wins and that sort of thing...” Homa said


Homa specializes in data analytics, using the GPS units the players wear during practice to maximize their performance and ensure players are not over- or underworking themselves. 


“I do a lot of stuff with performance analytics. The players wear GPS and heart rate units which track a lot of their data, running and speed and all that kind of stuff. So we use that to help design our training sessions,” Homa said


Derek Burton, head coach for the SIUE women’s soccer team, says that Homa has been a valuable addition to the team so far. 


“He’s extremely invested in the well-being of our athletes,” Burtonsaid,“He has a very sharp analytic mind and [a lot of] experiences with the data analyzation that we use. He is also very good at explaining [the data] to the players, preparing them for the next time out on the field.”

Homa also hit the ground running, starting practices and getting to know the players right off the bat Burton said.


“His character and willingness to jump right into a new team, a new environment is admirable,” Burton said.


 Andrea Frerker, a senior midfielder from Maryville, Illinois, on the team, said that Homa has been a great addition to the team. 


“He's super personable. He's a really great addition to the coaching staff, especially because he's just put such an effort into getting to know us all individually but also at the team level, and knowing our culture and he's just able to hop right into it,” said Frerker


SIUE women’s soccer team has kicked off their season and have had several home games already this season. Homa said the team is looking forward to a great year and he plans to do as much as possible to support the team.


“I want to just help the program, get better in any way possible, in any way I can contribute,” said Homa. 


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