Yes, Biden sucks, but let's not forget who's in office

After the Presidential Debate, I saw quite a few people on Twitter making fun of Biden for various things. People were making fun of him for various things, including calling Trump a clown and his reputation for forgetting things. However, the worst criticism I had heard was that the debate felt like “two children fighting.” 


The debate was not two children fighting. If anything, Trump was the only child in the situation, attacking a man who’s fed up with the state of this country. 


Biden is a bad candidate, but the only reason he’s being mocked is because everything about Trump has been normalized. If this debate was our first time seeing the both of those two up on that stage, the backlash against Trump would have been enormous. Sure, there are valid criticisms against Biden, too, but they’re nothing compared to Trump. 


Our acceptance of Trump's childishness has made us quick to point out Biden's flaws, which are minor by comparison. We’re just not used to seeing a candidate who must react to that. For example, while some people might think it's silly Biden says things like “[Trump is] the worst president this country has ever had,” he’s only saying that because, arguably, Trump deserves that reputation. 


Trump very well may be the worst president this country has ever had, or at least the worst in a long time. If you get used to his complete lack of respect for the presidency, the country or its people, he wins, so please don’t let that happen. Don’t ever let his behavior become the norm, because if you do, the chance of another president like him becomes much more likely. 


Like I said, I don’t think Biden is the best choice for a Democratic nominee. As far as I’m concerned, he’s Hillary Clinton all over again: an old, out of touch candidate who the Democratic National Committee pushed for, despite the fact the young left-wing voters in this country want a candidate who fights for real change. 


Nevertheless, I’m voting for him, because the alternative is Donald Trump. Our president has been gaslighting the country for the past four years. He’s a racist and a sexist who has lied to us at every opportunity, and he’s responsible for the deaths of more than 200,000 Americans. 


Voting third party is an option, and I respect those who feel the need to vote their conscience rather than choose between evils, but the outcome of that is another four years for Trump. 


During the protests this summer, Trump threatened to unleash the National Guard to shoot protestors, tweeting “when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!” So yes, I along with so many other voters want to change America, but for right now, we should choose the candidate that won’t have us killed for exercising our First Amendment rights. 


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