OPINION: Creating a varied music genre playlist is a gift to your mind

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Music is one of the wonders of humanity. Listening to the different music genres can be a unique experience and allow you to embrace different cultures.

Let’s face it, most people have a favorite genre of music they listen to frequently. Whether it’s pop, hip-hop, rap, rock or country music, we all have tastes. This also includes music from different cultures.

Music typically varies from country to country and is usually most popular where it was made. For example, an artist such as Ariana Grande is more popular in Western countries. On the other hand a musical group like World Order is more popular in Japan where it originated.

Music from different countries and cultures have an important role in expressing each individual culture. Listening to music from different cultures helps you experience that expression.

For example, it’s no secret that groups like BTS, a Korean boy band, have attracted a lot of attention from Western audiences. For many this has allowed them to expand their musical horizons beyond what they would typically listen to and find a new enjoyable experience.

Listening to one genre of music repeatedly can be boring. Listening to different music can spice things up.

You may like country music or hip-hop, but usually listen to primarily that individual genre with the occasional song outside of it. This can be said for all genres and it can limit your experiences.

The best way to diversify your music playlist is to try and find different artists from genres you don’t typically listen to and find songs you like. 

A good music artist can completely transform a genre from something you don’t enjoy to something an enjoyable experience. A good example of this is my own experience with country music. 

For my entire life, I typically didn’t enjoy country music, yet when I listen to artists like Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard I enjoy it. I might just like these two artists, but Cash’s music particularly is a good example of a diversified genre.

When Cash was still alive, his music was a mix of country, rock, blues and folk. He managed to draw in people from different audiences by making his music enjoyable for more than just country fans.

Another good example of this is Beastie Boys, a hip-hop group formed in 1981. 

Beastie Boys were primarily a hip-hop band, but they experimented with different genres as well. They did songs in the punk, rock, alternative rock and funk genres while also releasing a few instrumental albums. This allowed them to reach out and diversify their content.

To me and many of my friends, music can be a much more enjoyable experience regardless of the genre if you listen to it with people you enjoy being around. It can be a much better social experience than a solo experience.

An example of this is road trip songs you’d sing along to with your family and friends. If this is enjoyable, it often doesn’t matter what genre you listen to when you do it.

I remember growing up on a mix of pop, hip-hop and rock primarily because of my parents listening to it in the car. I discovered artists like the Black Eyed Peas and KISS from an early age and this expanded my taste for music and later in life opened more doors to different genres that were mixed from my original three.

I listen to so many different artists from different genres and I believe it has helped me grow my appreciation for music as a whole. Artists such as Unlike Pluto that specialize in the electronic genre have so many different song styles that give an electronic twist to rock, rap, hip-hop and dance music. I find myself jamming out to them frequently, even if I don’t usually listen to electronic music.

Music is about enjoyment. Go enjoy yourself and try different genres of music, you won’t regret it.

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