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Like many students, the COVID-19 pandemic has left our staff feeling like we lack control over many facets of our lives. We’re all struggling with a lack of normalcy. While staying in your pajamas sounds like a good plan, getting dressed when you wake up can help bring back some of that normalcy. Another way you can take back control during this uncertain time is by experimenting with your hair or makeup.

Most hair salons are closed, and many are taking scissors, clippers or bottles of dye into their own hands. This is an opportunity to try a hairstyle or color you’ve been eyeing but have been too afraid to jump into. If you discover it isn’t for you, it won’t matter because no one will see it. Then you will have at least tried it. Want to give yourself an undercut? Go for it! Want to give yourself Lemmy mutton chops? Rock on!

If you aren’t sure you want to commit to a new hairstyle or color or have a hard time getting a hold of dye during the pandemic, you can try new makeup looks and techniques. For some, makeup has the same calming effects as painting. There are plenty of makeup artists on social media who do artistic looks without everyday wear in mind. Makeup is a perfectly valid art form.

There are thousands of makeup tutorials on YouTube to try, from professional makeup artists to hobbyists. You can even search for tutorials using a specific eyeshadow palette so you can learn new ways to use items you already own.

This is especially useful considering new products are taking longer to deliver due to the increased demand of the mail system, and some cosmetics companies are no longer filling orders. Using what you already have saves you money, too.

Fears about what others will think often keep us from trying new looks. Now that many of us are stuck in our homes, we have the freedom to express ourselves without worrying about what our classmates or coworkers will think. You may even come out on the other side of this pandemic with a new go-to makeup look or hairstyle that you can improve upon once hair salons open back up. Some are even doing online consultations and DIY kits if you need more guidance on what to do with your hair.

Hair grows back and makeup can be washed off, so none of these changes are permanent. Dye will fade, roots will grow out, but we can at least have the satisfaction of changing our physical appearance in a way that reflects the changing world outside our homes.

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