College is what you make of it

College is meant to be a time of socialization, community and education, but if students don’t put in the effort, then SIUE will definitely seem boring or quiet.


While SIUE is not known for being a party school, part of the fun of attending a school not known for its parties  is the chance to find the fun through a bit of work or creating your own. 


We at The Alestle cover many events every week, either put on by the university or by the surrounding area, and it keeps us busy. From events put on by clubs at school to events in Edwardsville to even festivals in St. Louis, it’s not hard to find something to do. Try out a local restaurants, cheap (or even free) museums in the Metro East or go on one of the many local hikes or biking paths. You just have to put in a bit of effort. 


College is what you make of it and what effort you put into your classes, forming relationships and free time. We aren’t saying that you have to be the one each time to plan the event or organize a part, but sitting around expecting other people to do the work isn’t fair as well. There are events on campus, but you have to attend them and invite friends for them to be fun. 


SIUE is known for being a commuter campus, with many people not on campus on the weekends. For many who live on campus or close by, complain that this means that the weekends can be ‘boring’ or ‘dry’. While this can certainly be true, why wouldn’t those living on campus take up the mantle of creating something to do? 


Another important note is that many students at SIUE also work while in school, and so for those who do not, or who don’t have to work weekends it can seem as if nothing is going on. 


Part of the problem is the glamorization of alcohol and ‘frat’ parties. Many students think that things can only be fun if they are drunk and dancing to loud music, and while that can be very fun, we need to shift our mindset away from that being the only fun thing to do. Having fun doesn’t have to cost our wallets or livers. 


SIUE is not a perfect school, but it can be a fun place to attend, if even just a small amount of effort is put in by each person. Attend on-campus events, and more events are likely to happen if they know people will show up. Create a weekly or biweekly time to meet with friends and play board or video games. Explore Edwardsville and St. Louis, see what they have to offer. Make an effort and it will pay off. 


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