OPINION: Stop spending so much energy worrrying about politics

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Life is filled with things to worry about and we all worry about something every day, and it’s usually things that we have some control over, like test scores, job performances and physical fitness.

But it’s not uncommon for us to start worrying about things that are out of our control. This can range from if it’s going to rain today, to the ending of a TV show to death, but it can and often will go to politics as well. Worrying about politics can be one of the worst things a person can do to themselves.

Worrying about the nation’s politics will bring unnecessary stress to your life and it never ends. Whatever political issue is worrying you today will likely not be solved in your llifetime, be that nuclear war, the economy or the actions of the current president. It is useless to spend so much energy on being worried about it.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t care about politics because that would be irresponsible. You can care about politics by staying informed, voting and taking part in protests, but there’s a line between that and worrying about politics and the future of the country almost every single day and hour. If a person checks the news multiple times a day, that’s a problem. That person would be watching a never-ending conveyor belt of tragedies, controversial acts by D.C. officials and the disappointment they bring.

I’m not saying worrying about politics should be frowned upon. It’s only natural to worry about how your way of life is going to change for the worse or how it’s going to affect the lives of your neighbors. But when you can’t control what happens there’s no point.

That amount of negativity can be awful for a person. The best thing to do would be to take a break from paying so much attention to it. A person should pay attention to it, but there’s a point where a person should just worry about themselves rather than the thousands of problems that affect this country.

A common person can’t really control the decisions that the government or the general public make. Why worry about something if the only thing you can do is worry about it? It could be really hard to try to not worry, so I would recommend getting into a new book, game, movie, show or hobby.

This action won’t get rid of the worrying thoughts completely, but it will make you think about them less and have a place to focus your energy on. The worries will never go completely. I still stay up late at night, worrying about the end of society. But I quickly realize that I have no say in the end, or if there is an end.

Focus on the worries that you have control over and that you can dominate. They can be things like getting in better shape, reading more, writing more, being a better friend, a better spouse. Focus on being better every day.

Weightlifting, running, combat sports, yoga and hiking can be great hobbies to get into for a person that is worried about so many different things. Reading a great book, or getting into a certain fandom can be beneficial for a stressed person because they are surrounding themselves with a community of people that have the same interests as them.

That is the only way to condition the mind to pull yourself away from the uncontrollable worries. The person with a conditioned mind won’t worry about politics as much as the person with an unconditioned mind.

Worrying about politics will bring unnecessary stress in life and avoiding it for the most part will make life a bit easier. Avoiding it can be hard, almost impossible at times, but whenever your mind starts to dip into the darkness of political anxiety take some time to focus on work or progressing in a hobby. Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t control.

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