With many Americans homebound, some have opted to spend less time and money on achieving society’s idea of beauty. Despite the change in beauty standards, health standards should not change, or if anything, should be monitored even more closely.

Spending habits have drastically changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Americans have significantly reduced their spending on health and beauty.

Earnest Research, a data analytics company, documented the radical changes in spending habits. The company found that funds normally devoted to health and beauty products are now largely being spent on groceries.

Health and beauty includes all spending on drug stores, fitness, personal health, health care and more. Although it is easy to put health and beauty in the same category, it is important to recognize the difference between your appearance and your physical health.

While it may be a relief to any makeup-loving American’s wallet and skin, the decline in spending on makeup products calls into question how beauty standards are influenced by social interactions.

When the option of socialization is removed, fewer Americans choose to spend their money on beauty products. With a routine change and nowhere to go, it is easy to spend less time getting ready for the day. However, some people may use makeup and other beauty products as a form of self-care or a creative outlet.

Regardless of the current state of the beauty industry, the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the perception of beauty should be studied.

Since fitness centers and gyms are closing due to regulations on nonessential business, Americans are becoming significantly more complacent with their physical fitness. It is important to continue keeping up with your physical health needs during this time. Campus Recreation at SIUE is offering free online fitness classes including yoga, at-home workouts, and Zumba. These can be found on Campus Recreation’s Facebook Live.

Focus on what you can control by practicing healthy habits. Take time for yourself. Workout at home. Go outside.

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