OPINION: Tattoos allow people to express themselves

Tattoos and piercings are becoming more common among millennials. Future employers are raising concerns, but body modifications shouldn’t impact whether they get their dream job when they graduate. 

 A USA Today article published in 2017 estimated that about 38 percent of individuals ages 8 to 29 have at least one tattoo. 

A lot of people who want a tattoo or piercing are worried about future employment opportunities that either won’t allow them to have the body art or that interviewers will view them negatively if they have these things showing. 

 Millennials are finding that tattoos and piercings are a way to express themselves outwardly. In the past, tattoos and piercings were seen as indications of violence and illegal practices. Body art has become a mode of communication to those around us  and it’s not something that indicates anything other than a creative mind.      

A lot of baby boomers have been a little slow to catch on to this change and view tattoos and piercings as habits of the lower class. This affects millennials because a lot of us will be hired by said baby boomers.

Body art has zero effect on work ethic. Just because certain individuals choose to express themselves through their body image doesn’t make them one thing or another, as has been thought for much too long. One of the primary reasons for getting tattoos is to express individuality. People who put ink in their skin or get piercings are every bit as unique as anyone else and those body modifications have no effect on anything other than their bodies. 

When young people go in to get tattoos, piercings and other body modifications, they expect a lot of judgment from older generations. People shouldn’t judge one another and it certainly shouldn’t have effects such as unemployment. 

Employers have become more open-minded to the idea of pierced and tattooed employees, but it’s still extremely stigmatized within the workforce.

Employers shouldn’t be influenced by what’s on the outside. Do good work and they’ll see that the good inside outweighs what they may not like when they look at people.

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