Think twice before moving  celebrities off the big screen  and into the White House

Donald Trump certainly wasn’t the first celebrity to become president of the United States, nor was he the first to even run. However, with the rise of technology and the increasing popularity and influence of celebrities in society, we shouldn’t be blindly throwing our votes at politically inexperienced candidates.

The appeal of celebrity presidents has always been the fact that they have been spared the potential corruption they might have otherwise encountered through years of political experience.

One of the many celebrities turned politicians was none other than Ronald Reagan, an esteemed actor for Warner Bros. Some historians say Reagan’s feats were unparalleled, even by career politicians. Reagan has been known by many for his trickle-down-economics, strategic defense initiative, tax reform, inflation recovery, job growth and judicial appointments.

While some could argue celebrity candidates of the past and present have performed well in their position as president, we should not prioritize name recognition over political competency.

According to psychological studies, political competency can be measured by key personality traits which are possessed by some celebrity candidates. These traits include confidence, charm, relatability, reliability, simplicity on trivial issues and fearlessness

Despite around 55 percent of the country disapproving of the current president’s contributions to our society as of July 17, his aptitude for some of these traits are undeniable — as were many previous celebrity presidents, Reagan included.

While career politicians present their own set of challenges — particularly in regard to their trustworthiness — there is, at least, widespread comfort in their experience alone.

In terms of this upcoming election, many feel like there is no right answer when it comes to who is best fit to lead as the president of the United States. At the same time, as citizens of this country, we are obligated to be informed on our votes.

If a celebrity candidate possesses the traits and policies sought after in a successful politician, by all means, we should seriously consider their candidacy. However, don’t give out votes simply due to name recognition alone.

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