It's time to ditch the all-nighters

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Everyone’s heard of the cliche of college students staying up all night to do work, and many live that lifestyle — but it’s time to end it.


The negatives of not having enough sleep can end up impacting classwork, which is counterproductive to the goal of staying up that late to do homework.


Most if not all college students have been there; having an assignment due by the beginning of class and staying up late to get it done. Sometimes you need to do that, but making it a habit out of procrastination as opposed to necessity can cause health problems on top of making you feel awful.


Sleep itself is necessary for general health, and being deprived of it can have many consequences that build up over time. According to an article from the peer-reviewed journal Drug Invention Today, sleep loss can cause a number of different symptoms including fatigue, weight loss or gain, and more.


According to the same article, it can also cause lack of motivation, which can cause issues with learning and subsequently doing future assignments, especially when under the pressure of so many classes.


On top of classes, extracurricular activities and athletic performance can also suffer due to the physical toll taken on the body. For students who aren’t athletes, other physical activities can suffer. According to the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine, factors such as reaction time slowly decrease over time as sleep deprivation occurs.


How a student performs in athletics is limited by sleep deprivation, but the physical health of all students is adversely affected due to weight loss and weight gain. This can mean that regardless of the work you put in to managing your weight and being active, sleep deprivation will nullify part of it.


Without enough sleep, the body can’t grow properly, thus disrupting the natural functions that occur on a daily basis such as muscle repair and general bodily maintenance.


One such function that is disrupted is metabolism. According to an article from Sleep Medicine Reviews, sleep deprivation can cause a lack of activity, an alteration in metabolism and an irregular appetite. This contributes to weight gain, and in some cases can end up leading to risks of diabetes as the glucose metabolism is changed.


One issue that causes sleep deprivation in college students specifically can be linked to time management skills and saving the assignment that needs to be done until midnight before it’s due. Sometimes this is with good reason, but other times it comes from not wanting to do the assignment.


If this cycle of staying up late to do all of your assignments continues, then you’ll lose more and more sleep. From someone who used to do this while having to work an 8 a.m. shift or go to 8 a.m. classes on other days, it ends up making you feel miserable after you do it for months getting less sleep.


The one thing you don’t want to do as a student is ruin an entire semester because you made it a habit of not sleeping enough. Schoolwork is a priority, but health is too. Get some sleep.


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