OPINION: I am superphobic, and this is why you should be too

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“Super-straight” is a sexuality proposed by young men on TikTok to mean sexual attraction to cisgendered people of the opposite sex. In short, some teenage boys were mad about the prospect of being called transphobic for not wanting to be with a trans woman, so they made up a sexuality that excludes attraction to trans people.

As edgy teens on the internet often do, they’re embracing the bit to an embarrassing degree. They’ve made a flag that pulls its colors from the Pornhub logo, and while many “super-straight” tagged videos have been pulled from TikTok, they’re still fully committed to their new roles as sexual minorities in the comment sections of YouTube channels that reupload the videos.

They talk about being afraid to come out to their parents as super straight and the “superphobia” they face. There are even some trans-exclusionary radical feminists masking as “super lesbians” proudly supporting the cause. All of this is ridiculous for a couple reasons.

First, straight people being called transphobic for not wanting to sleep with a trans person is a nonissue. Most trans allies understand straight people’s genitalia preferences, and even if some of them would like to see straight people break away from the strict ways they’ve been socialized to think about sex and relationships, they won’t call a straight guy a transphobe for not wanting to have sex with someone who has a penis. All of this is really just another example of straight men victimizing themselves because they haven’t faced any real struggles.

Secondly, no “super-straight” will tell you: Most people who identify as straight don’t include trans people in the range of people they’re attracted to. If you ask the average straight man or woman if they would have sex with a transgender person, they will say no. Honestly, if they want to carve out a niche, they should propose a sexuality for those straight people that are attracted to transgender people, because they are the real minorities compared to “super-straights”.

It’s important to remember that these are internet trolls we’re dealing with, and they do these things to upset people. They know that no one has ever actually called them a transphobe for not dating a trans person, and they know that the entire idea of making a subsection of heterosexuality that excludes trans people is pointless, but they continue because they’re losers who have nothing better to do than live angry lives and pass that anger onto others.

So, if you’re worried about the impact this new sexual minority will make on the LGBTQ+ scene, don’t be, because in the end it’s just a meme that will die out once edgy teenage boys decide to feel attacked about something else. Though, while it is stupid, I do kind of hope it sticks around, because the term “super straight” makes a pretty convenient synonym for the phrase “I have never felt the warmth of a woman.”

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