LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SIUE’s administrative errors can jeopardize students’ futures

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spring 2021, yet you won't find my name in The Alestle's Graduation Issue or the graduation program. It's as if I didn't graduate at all. In fact, I almost didn't because of a careless administrative error.


In March, I had two classes waived, the petitions having been sent to the [Registrar’s Office] — all should have been good, right? It, in fact, wasn't. When I went to send my transcript to my future graduate school, I checked my unofficial one first. It's lucky I did because it showed my degree as being denied. I came to find out those waivers were never put into DegreeWorks.


Luckily, it has been all sorted out now, but it got me thinking — what if I hadn't discovered the error? What about other people? The thing is that I know it cannot just be people like me who have been put in potentially compromising positions due to administrative errors like these. It simply isn't an option for things like this to be happening when it’s peoples’ degrees on the line.


Students take out loans and work so hard for four years for graduation. Such oversight and negligence isn't an option when it comes to peoples’ degrees, when it puts their whole futures at risk. It can be traumatic to have such hard work be put into jeopardy over something that has nothing to do with the student at all.


To students, please make sure that all your paperwork is lined up and properly in the system. No, this shouldn't have to be our job to make sure that others are doing their job right. However, if someone is not, it can have serious consequences, whether it is our fault or not. Don't be afraid to speak up if something seems wrong. It's the right thing to do.


Administrative errors like these simply are not an option due to the amount of harm they can do to students' futures. I know it cannot just be me, and it is so easy to trust that such fragile matters such as college degrees will be held with the utmost care. However, it appears that more care needs to be taken so that so much hard work isn't just swept under the rug.


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