I recently read the latest article concerning Pastor Tom, and some ideas to possibly interact with him. I think a good way of protesting him is to fight fire with fire; have someone else start preaching when he does! Get a couple of good-mannered Christians to start reading verses and ideals that everyone can get behind. Jesus was all about “Love thy neighbor” and “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.”

Doesn’t even have to be from the Bible, maybe get a collection of good morals and general things to keep in mind from a variety of other religions. Show others that what Pastor Tom spews isn’t representative of what Christianity is all about.

This also reminds me of a time a few years back, before the pandemic, when me and a couple of theatre people stood up on one of the hills at the Quad while Tom was there and started to read the fictional sermon of Heimskr from the video game Skyrim. We certainly garnered more attention, and I think Tom himself was even a bit baffled.

I digress, but I think a counter-preach would be an interesting way to go, whether the words you speak are that of a real or fictional religion, I think it’ll throw Tom a little bit off his game. Thanks much, and praise Talos!

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