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Madison Lammert, editor-in-chief

As editor-in-chief of The Alestle, my main goal is not only to make sure we have content every week for both our online and print productions, but also that our content is relevant to the campus community. In essence, if our coverage doesn’t serve the students, faculty and staff at the three SIUE campuses, we are not doing our jobs to the best of our ability. With the pandemic limiting the amount of on-campus interaction we, along with our fellow students, obtain each week, as well as being based on SIUE’s Edwardsville campus, it is often harder to cover the Alton and East St. Louis campuses. My goal this fall is to broaden our coverage so it serves the communities of Alton and East St. Louis as well. But, as hard as my staff and I try, we cannot achieve this goal alone. We need our audience to actively engage with our content. Our goal is to serve you all and get you the information you need — and often want — to know. So don’t be afraid to send me or one of our section editors an email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter message with news tips or story ideas. 

Jennifer Goeckner, managing editor

In the past three semesters I’ve spent at The Alestle, I have assumed a number of roles, starting as a copy editor before moving to lifestyles editor and then stepping into the managing editor role at the beginning of the Spring 2020 semester. As managing editor, I am responsible for The Alestle’s news content, both the stories we publish and the design of our news section. I also work to ensure our news stories are relevant to our readers across the SIUE community. As we all continue to live through a pandemic, I believe The Alestle’s role is to inform members of the community as regulations and circumstances evolve on the state, local and university levels. This semester, I hope to keep our readers aware of any COVID-19-related changes that occur, as well as other events that impact our community.

Alex Aultman, lifestyles editor

As Lifestyles editor, I manage the content for the Lifestyles section as well as create its design in the print edition. I also upload the stories to our website. I just started this semester, so this is the first issue I’ve designed for, and I have a lot to learn. I hope to be able to create interesting page designs like the previous editors. Designing is a whole different world than reporting and I will miss writing stories as often as I did. I will still get to use my reporting experience to help the reporters with their stories and give them ideas and suggestions. I hope to use the Lifestyles section to tell diverse stories from our campus and the larger Metro East community. I find these stories through social media, student organizations, as well as ideas from my coworkers.

Jordyn Nimmer, digital creative director

During my time at The Alestle, I have served in various editorial roles. For the upcoming academic year, I will be assuming a new role as the digital creative director, a revised and expanded version of the online editor position. As the digital creative director, I am responsible for conceptualizing and executing creative content for the newspaper, including — but not limited to — editorial cartoons, headline writing, social media, marketing strategies, engagement profiles and analytics. 

Despite the unforeseen circumstances relating to campus life and the state of the world, I am committed to ensuring our content is accessible to everyone — regardless of whether they are on campus or not during these times. Furthermore, I will continue to strive for equal representation and diversity within our content strategies.

Mackenzie Smith, multimedia editor

As the multimedia editor, I have the opportunity to take photos as well as train other photographers, manage the photos that are featured in the paper or on our website and design pages for our print editions. This semester, my goal is to be able to find more opportunities that allow stories to be told through photos and videos. Although our reporters do an excellent job of keeping the paper full of interesting content, the photos that accompany these stories have the ability to convey emotions that are equally as powerful as the words we present. The pandemic has made taking photos of people and events challenging, but I am looking forward to going beyond the norm to deliver intriguing photos and videos by listening to students, and keeping up with current events. 

Summer Bradley, graphics manager

I am a graduate candidate  in the Art Therapy Counseling department. I have been with The Alestle for a year now as the graphics manager. I help manage all of the visual elements that our viewers see on our pages and online stories such as layout, graphics, fonts and more. I meet with our ad representatives and manager to ensure our clients have the best quality ads in our print and online platforms. I work collaboratively with all staff on weekly content and software training updates. I have seen our newsroom step up with their coverage of COVID-19 and am so proud to be a part of it all. Despite  the challenges we face, including a new physical space in MUC 0311, we have upheld our previous newspaper standards. My goal for this new era is to provide high quality visual elements for our viewers to compliment our great reporters’ stories. I strive to create new and original ideas for our viewers each week. I cannot wait to see what we are able to accomplish as a team in the next few months.


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