On May 29, a pro-abortion opinion piece by Alestle Managing Editor Madison Lammert was published detailing the consequences of a woman carrying a pregnancy to term from the pro-choice standpoint. SIUE Students for Life desires to show the pro-life viewpoint on these matters. 

Lammert’s article explicitly stated that pro-life legislation values the life of the unborn over the life of the mother. That is not so. Does caring for the unborn mean that no regard is to be given to the woman? When considering a woman’s well-being when she becomes pregnant, does this mean there is no regard for the well-being of the unborn as a result? Why choose one or the other when we can love and support them both?

 When a woman finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy, she needs to be empowered to make the courageous decision to choose life. 

SIUE SFL has a Pregnant On Campus division designed to connect women with the resources and health care that they need. The resources range from local pregnancy centers less than 30 minutes from campus to federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) within the area that will allow a woman to access care on a sliding scale relative to her income. 

The Turnaway study that was cited in the prior article made it clear that many women turning to abortion are under the federal poverty level and more likely to be on government assistance programs post childbirth. 

Having a child increases a woman’s reported family size relative to her income, thus making her much more eligible for government assistance programs simply because a child was born

 The lower socioeconomic status of these women makes it even more imperative that they have access to care close to home at a low cost. There are three FQHCs within less than 30 minutes of campus, as well as three pregnancy centers and one Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation clinic where a woman can get care. 

That makes seven facilities within less than 30 minutes of campus where a woman of low socioeconomic status can receive care, compared to the one Planned Parenthood 30 minutes away that does not bill on a sliding scale.

 The women who are of low socioeconomic status are the very ones that we must strive to support and empower to choose life as the unborn are just as valuable as the mother — no more and no less. Our human rights, such as the right to life, come not from our age, size, race, gender, or any other factor. They come from our humanity, and our humanity alone. 

The fact that we are all human is the one common factor that binds us all around the world. From the moment fertilization occurs, a human zygote meets all the biological processes of life. 

That embryo contains a unique set of DNA that comes from both mother and father, making him or her a unique human being. That humanity alone allows them to be worthy of human rights.

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