The future will be socialism or it will be sorrow

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The modern world we live in is filled with struggle and strife that is directly caused by oppressive forces who are focused more on profit than human life, and the only solution is socialism.


It is becoming more common for people to declare themselves as anti-capitalist. This is no doubt caused by the worsening of material conditions worldwide.


Just recently there has been the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. A train derailment caused harmful chemicals to leak into the water and spread into the air. The ramifications of this disaster are unknown for now, but the area will likely be contaminated long after the initial derailment.


The cause of this disaster could have been prevented entirely. Railroad workers almost went on strike last November in an attempt to fix the conditions in their workplaces. Congress stopped it, and we are now dealing with their decision. Had their demands been met, it’s likely the situation could have been avoided.


But this disaster is just one of many to come. As conditions worsen and workers remain mistreated, then these disasters will happen at greater frequencies and cause more damage. How long must we wait until a pilot falls asleep in the cabin because they’ve been given no breaks or a building collapses because workers were rushed to completion?


The only way to prevent future disasters, as well as the impending climate catastrophe caused by terrible mismanagement of environmental protection is to strive towards a socialist society.


Socialism is not, as some have put it, capitalism with band-aids. It is not just better welfare programs and higher taxation on the rich. That is social democracy, and it can be just as malignant as regular capitalism — as it still relies on exploitation to function — and will eventually result in the same outcome.


Socialism is the development of a classless society where the workers are the majority ruling force of the society. Right now, society is controlled by a small group of people that own and control the labor of workers and the places in which they work. These same people are the reason we face impending doom, as their endless pursuit of wealth accumulation and power have put the world on the course for destruction.


To develop a classless society, the ruling group must be oppressed out by the workers. This oppression may sound threatening, but it only really means phasing out the owning class and making them into workers (their biggest fear).


Society becomes classless once the owners are assimilated into the working class, which then becomes the only group in society. After this, the workers of the world will be free to produce whatever is necessary for the furthering of society and for the safety of the people. With no need for profits, there won’t be the creation of useless products and the waste of thousands of tons of food each year


People will also no longer view work as something that is merely done for money, which is the way it is now. If you can imagine a world where you are allowed to pursue your passion without the fear of hunger or homelessness, then you can imagine a socialist society.


Socialism is not your enemy. In reality, it is the only way forward that does not spell out destruction and misery for each and every individual in the world. Those that say socialism is your enemy only stand to gain from misleading you. 


Anti-socialist ideas allow the owning class to stay in power and continue to exploit not only you, but also the people that you cannot see; the workers in the foreign land that created the product you use in your daily life.


People all over the world are beginning to realize that the enemy is not socialism and that it never has been. The enemy has always been them that have exploited us to no end and have driven the resources out of nearly every mapped part of the world. When everyone starts to realize the reality we live in, then true progress can be made, and there will be no more attempts to band-aid a deadly, cancerous growth.


Reading is the best way to understand more, and there are many reading lists out there for socialist ideas. For those that find reading more difficult, some podcasts I’ve found to be very informative are The Deprogram and Blowback


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Cleetus Yeetus

Socialism is the only answer for these Alestle creatures because it is the only way their degree will have any value.

Adam No

The fact that this opinion is common among college students is truly terrifying. Have you ever followed your own arguments to their logical conclusion? That sorrow that you are hoping to avoid is exactly where we will end up when people with these ideas and ideals are in charge.

Cleetus Yeetus

No, it's simple. First we seize the means of production, then utopia

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