OPINION: George Washington was right. Partisan politics can and will ruin a country.

Complaining about partisan politics is practically beating a dead horse at this point, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said.


It sounds cliché to say that partisan politics will kill the spirit of America, also known as the American dream, but it’s true. We are a nation that prides itself on freedom and liberty, and when election time comes around, everyone almost unambiguously agrees; voting for certain parties means your votes won’t be counted. 


In almost every piece of dystopian fiction, the ultra-powerful government talks about “The Party”, a supreme force in these worlds that dictates every single thing that people can and cannot do. These are things like President Noble in Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, Ralph in William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” and The Party in George Orwell’s “1984”. 


The only difference between modern America and the America in these stories is that instead of one political party infecting local, state and federal elections to control a country on all levels, there are two in America. And just like in these novels, our government has created some incredibly over-the-top disgusting decisions, like some states passing protesting laws which allow drivers to run over some protestors, and the recent decision in the courts to defend child slavery right before Juneteenth.


Some may argue that this is the only way to create real change. They will say that we must support one of these two parties if we want to create a better, more loving world. The failure of this concept can be clearly seen in both of Donald Trump’s political elections in his first presidential election.


In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the clear front runner for the Democratic nomination, and Trump was the Republican candidate. I could easily write about the awful deeds of Trump, and refer to the countless reasons that many (myself included) see him as a spineless, bigoted man. But, since that point has already been covered extensively, I will instead talk about Clinton.


She may have advertised herself as a pro-LGBTQ+ candidate in 2016, but in the 1990s, when her husband was president and she was Secretary of State, she and her husband pushed for the Defense of Marriage Act, a bill that federally classified marriage as only being something between a biological man and an a biological woman. There were plenty of other issues where Clinton had drastically changed her views, including Trump’s infamous border wall, which she called racist and unnecessary, despite having supported a Southern border wall in the past.


So, in 2016, any person with right-wing views was told to blindly support Trump, and anyone else was told that Clinton was the only real option to stop him. And that is why Donald Trump was elected president in the first place, and in my honest opinion, that is why the insurrection at the capital on Jan 6 happened as well. Many people who disliked Trump because of his bigotry distrusted Hillary because of her switch in views. And so, Trump won the election, and gave a face to the white supremacists and racists of this nation.


To put the proverbial cherry on top, Clinton blamed fellow Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders for her loss. Sanders famously started running as a Senator in Vermont as an independent, third party candidate, but has occasionally accepted the nomination for Senate offered to him by the Democratic party since then. So, when Clinton blames Sanders for her own untrustworthiness, it is clear to me what she is attempting to do; she is making an attack on third party candidates and third party voting.


How do we as a country end this cycle? It’s not a question of how, but when. I was not the only person to realize partisan politics and the two-party system put Donald Trump in the White House. Millennials are greatly interested in doing away with the two party system, and they are currently getting more and more invested in politics. What must be done is simple: give up on both the Republican and Democratic parties. There are plenty more options out there. 


Do you think that Clinton was untrustworthy, and want a candidate that has consistently pushed for progressive change? Then I would say you should read about the Democratic Socialist Party of America. Do you believe that Donald Trump had good ideas for liberty and the economy, but his bigotry made him unsupportable? Then the Libertarian Party deserves your love. Do you fear global warming and want to preserve the planet, but still maintain some conservative views? The Green Tea Party is the party for you.


The point here is that this is the land of opportunity. This land is your land, and it is my land, and we have a duty to make it safer for everyone, but the great part of this country is that we all have different ideas on how to do that. If any of those complex political theories and ideologies are to come to fruition, then we can not vote with a party in mind and choose the party where our vote will “count more.” We must vote with our hearts, and vote based on our views. Then, there will be no two-party system, and everyone will have a say.


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