BRIEF: New scholarship to include transfer students

When the SIU System Commitment, a scholarship for students from low-income households, was first announced, it only included incoming freshmen. Now, it has been extended to include transfer students. 


According to SIUE Chancellor Randy Pembrook, transfer students weren’t originally mentioned in the scholarship announcement, as the system’s top priority was on first serving incoming freshmen just out of high school.


The announcement was made for SIUC’s Commitment in the form of a press release, but the only confirmation of the change for the SIUE Commitment came as a quiet update to their financial aid page


Pembrook said it’s important the school provide access and affordability to every student, regardless of if they’re a traditional or transfer student. 


“It didn’t really matter whether they were going to be a freshman or a junior. We want them to be able to come to SIUE, and to be able to afford it and finish,” Pembrook said. 


Aside from the addition of transfer students, the other details of the scholarship remain the same. As long as they are Illinois residents, students with household incomes of $63,575 and assets of $50,000 or less will be eligible for fully paid tuition. Money for the scholarships will come from a combination of financial aid sources including Pell Grants, the Illinois Monetary Award Program, the AIM HIGH Grant Pilot Program and SIU system scholarships.

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