Modes of course delivery and new schedules, explained

SIUE, along with almost every other college in the world, was forced to alter its spring semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, SIUE has been working to prepare for the fall in order to make it less turbulent.

Course changes are being put in place to comply with guidelines from the state and SIUE itself, according to Registrar Laura Strom.

“Since we’ll have to follow social distancing, we will have significantly reduced people on-campus,” Strom said. “We’ve tried to move as many people online in order to keep up with social distancing.”

Strom said the best advice for students is to watch to their SIUE emails for updates.

“Students should pay attention to their emails, now more than ever. Additionally, if they have questions, they should never be afraid to send an email to ask,” Strom said. “Some of the questions we get are more geared towards what an academic adviser could help with, but we always offer what we can.”

Strom also said some changes to courses came from recommendations by the Academic Continuity Task Force, which SIUE created to plan academics during the pandemic. The ACTF said even before this, there were three basic types of classes offered at SIUE.

Those three types were face-to-face, online or hybrid, a combination of the two.

Face-to-face courses are classes with no online portion, and online courses have no in-person portion. Before the pandemic, most courses were hybrid, according to the ACTF.

Within the category of online courses, there are two subcategories — asynchronous or synchronous. Both types will require students to complete assignments and submit them online, but an asynchronous online course has no required meeting times, while synchronous courses do. Those meetings may occur over Zoom, or other online services.

For more information, contact the registrar’s office at

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