Kappa Delta Pi offers free virtual tutoring sessions for K-12 students

Kappa Delta Pi has been offering free virtual tutoring sessions for K-12 students for all subjects since Aug. 31.

Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society in education, has been at SIUE for more than 30 years. Their goal is to develop members’ professional development skills and enhance scholarships, according to their about page. Meghan Kleeb, a senior elementary education major from Collinsville, Illinois, said the organization does service within the Madison County community.

“Kappa Delta Pi is the international honor society in education. We volunteer throughout the community, donate to organizations in need, bond with fellow educators and attend professional development to grow as educators,” Kleeb said.

Tutoring sessions last up to an hour, covering any subject in which  the student may need help. Amanda Frisch, a senior elementary education major from Red Bud, Illinois, said students have to sign up through SignUpGenius.

“We have a link that is put out every week. We try to get it out by Monday, and students can click that link and it will take them to a SignUpGenius page, and they will be able to see a various amount of time slots with different tutors. Along with that it will show the tutors major and maybe something that they specialize in. When the student goes to sign up they can pick the time that works for them and if possible they can pick a major that suits what they need help with,” Frisch said.

The honor society is dedicated to the ideals of fidelity to humanity, science, toil and service. They are not just focused on serving the community with education, but helping the children as well. Paige Orlando, senior elementary education major from St. Louis said they still wanted to serve during a pandemic.

“We were thinking with the pandemic and everything being virtual, how do we volunteer our time? So, with the lovely Zoom that we all have been using a lot lately, we just thought that this is something that could be accessible to many people … parents have been doing a lot and have been struggling to help their child, especially if they are fully remote,” Orlando said. “So our organization wanted to put something together to be able to help them, so we did tutoring so they can sign up and we can help them with their homework or help them focus on something that they are struggling with that teachers aren’t able to give a lot of one on one instruction right now.” 

According to Megan Periandri, a junior secondary education and mathematics major from Troy, Illinois, the sessions are open to anybody and it’s not targeted to a specific region. She also said she finds it nostalgic at times to be tutoring the students in subjects she learned in the past.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve taken those classes and it kind of makes me miss those classes, so I can put myself in their shoes and remember what I struggled with. And I can kind of be that role model for them and explain to them it’s not easy doing math, especially online, so it’s fun helping them out,” Periandri said.

Helping students over Zoom helps the tutors as well; they get to do what they love and put a smile on some of the kids’ faces. 

Abby Forlines, senior elementary education major from Moweaqua, Illinois, said there are, however, some challenges tutoring over Zoom.

“I think the most challenging thing about tutoring over Zoom is technology. There can always be technological issues like the Wi-Fi could be down, maybe the Zoom link didn’t work, but the great thing is that no matter what happens, typically everything is able to work out, whether it’s a quick Google search or contacting the parent and the tutor trying to see what works,” Forlines said.

Kleeb said the overall goal is to help students get a better understanding of their material.  

“We are hoping to offer both parents and students relief from online learning. This school year has been like no other, which has brought a lot of stress and confusion. Through tutoring, we are hoping to give students one-on-one instruction that will help deepen understanding of the content areas,” Kleeb said.

Members in the organization plan to continue their online tutoring sessions even after this pandemic. 

More information on the organization can be found on the Get Involved page. One can sign up for tutoring through SignUpGenius.

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