Former teaching couple endows new education scholarship for SIUE students

Come Fall 2021, community college transfer students majoring in education will have another scholarship opportunity: the Poshard Scholarship Endowment. 

The scholarship was made possible due to a $100,000 investment from Glenn Poshard, a former SIU system president and congressman, and his wife Jo, a former educator. According to Glenn, their personal connections to education made them want to establish a scholarship like this one, and they plan to add to it in the future.

“We always intended, after my retirement, to start a scholarship program [at SIUE] at some point in time,” Poshard said. “This was just the time that we chose to get it started, we hope to add to it as the years go by ... Jo and I are both … former teachers and school administrators, and so it’s important for us to locate the scholarship in the [School of Education, Health and Human Behavior] because that’s kind of our background.”

Chancellor Randy Pembrook said he greatly appreciates the Poshards’ generosity and said the scholarship will go far not only within the university, but also in students’ lives.

“When somebody supports scholarships, particularly an endowed gift, it’s a forever gift that changes lives of students,” Pembrook said. “It’s more than just a gift, it is a way of shaping education for the future.” 

Divah Griffin, the director of development for the School of Education, Health and Human Behavior, said the scholarship’s prospective longevity is a result of how endowed gifts work at the university. 

“When scholarships are endowed ... there’s a set amount of money that is given, and then that amount of money is invested, and then [the interest] made from those investments are what go out in scholarships each year. That’s how endowed gifts live on forever,” Griffin said.

This scholarship is for education majors who are community college transfer students with a minimum 3.0 grade point average. Applications will open in Fall 2021, with awards beginning Spring of 2022. 

Jo Poshard said she had some advice for future scholarship recipients and potential teachers. 

“I would just say that I taught because I loved it, and I never felt that it was a job,” Poshard said. “I would just advise anybody that’s going into education to do it for the right reasons, that they feel a passion about it, they’re dedicated to it and hopefully they’ll have the same experience I did.”

For more information about Jo and Glenn Poshard, visit their website for the Poshard Foundation for Abused Children


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