BREAKING: SIUE announces plans to enforce mandatory testing to start spring semester

During a town hall meeting today, SIUE provided additional details on their decision to require students to test negative before returning to campus next semester.


COVID-19 Coordinator Michael Schultz said, while he hopes this will not be an issue, there will be enforcements in place for students and faculty who are required to get tested and refuse to do so.


He said students who don’t comply will be referred to the Dean of Students’ office, and School of Dental Medicine students won’t be allowed in their labs until they get tested. Faculty and staff will be handled at the supervisory level, but could be referred to Human Resources if necessary.


In order to encourage students to get tested, the school will offer incentives. According to Schultz, these incentives include Cougar Bucks, being entered in monthly raffles for a parking hangtag and one end-of-the-semester raffle for a tuition waiver. Faculty and staff will be offered these same incentives, aside from the tuition waiver.


While any student can get tested, only those sent the invitation and get tested will be offered the incentives.


Chancellor Randy Pembrook said there will be a Conversation of Understanding organized by the SIU system from 5-7 p.m. on Jan. 26. Panelists Clinical Professor Lakesha Butler and Director of Health Services Riane Greenwalt will address concerns for minority populations related to COVID-19, getting vaccinated and the history of racial disparities in healthcare.

For more information, visit SIUE’s COVID-19 information page.

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Alaina Hickey

I'm curious though. I'm getting the vaccine because of my job at a hospital. Will I still need to get COVID tested? There are rumors that you test COVID positive after you get the vaccine.

Luca Hannan

It is one of the biggest steps taken by this University to help them. To stay face from the covid. Only the covid free students will be allowed to visit the campus. Students can also get top cv writing service online from their homes to manage their studies. Students also try to their best to cooperate with the administration so that they can fulfill their duty efficiently and effectively.

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