Students’ votes are in for SG 2020-2021

Student Government released the unofficial results for those elected to the 2020-2021 SG positions, following elections that took place last Tuesday and Wednesday.

The newly elected candidates for SG’s executive branch include Maddie Walters as president, Ronald Akpan as vice president and Jacob Graham as student trustee.

The SG legislative branch now includes the following:

- Ricky Beck and Samuel Childerson for the School of Business;

- Carson Brimm and Hailee O’Dell for the School of Health, Education, and Human Behavior;

- MacKenzie Randolph and Clinton Jones for the School of Engineering;

- Nicole Obert and Cort Jackson as Senators at Large;

- Callie Krager for the College of Arts and Sciences - Science and Math;

- Justin Shiau for the School of Pharmacy;

- Alexia Burnett for the School of Nursing; and

- Lindsy Perry and Brigid Aslin as Graduate Senators.

SG still has to confirm the write-in senators for the College of Arts and Sciences - Arts and Communication, and the School of Dental Medicine, and the write-ins for the second senators for the College of Arts and Sciences - Science and Math, School of Pharmacy and School of Nursing according to the social SG Facebook page as of April 2.

SG is still accepting applications for the College of Arts and Sciences - People and Culture senator and to fill one Senator at Large position.

For more information go to the Student Government website.

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