The SIU Board of Trustees approved a resolution during a special meeting on Monday to allow SIU System President Daniel Mahony, or any designees that he chooses, to authorize partial refunds to students.

SIUC Interim Chancellor John Dunn said he and SIUE Chancellor Randy Pembrook are both dedicated to returning portions of fees and charges to the students who qualify.

Mahony said they are mainly focusing on the easiest refunds for the time being and will continue to work on the more complex refunds down the line.

“The only decision we’re ready to move forward with at this point is housing and dining, that’s the easiest one … Some of these other ones are a bit more complicated and will take time to look at,” Mahony said.

Pembrook said they had already started planning for how refunds would be handled before the vote got approved.

“We’ve had extensive conversations, particularly around housing and meal plans, and we’re prepared to move forward on that,” Pembrook said. “The course fees we’re looking at, at a micro level. The science areas have course fees, but it turns out that we’re using the course fees to develop online virtual laboratories, so I think that that will work itself out without a refund.”

He said the other area they are looking into is the art department, which has many factors to consider because faculty have had different responses.

“Art professors are taking different approaches to [art materials],” Pembrook said. “Some of them are actually sending art materials to the student, which they would have received in person.”

Pembrook said they should have a detailed, micro-level analysis of the course fees in the next two to three weeks.

For more information, visit the Board of Trustees website. The Alestle will continue to provide updates about the university's decisions regarding refunds.


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