An incident SIUE officials have called a “high-level external cyberattack” have paralyzed multiple computer systems on campus.


The cyberattack hit in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 14, according to an email sent by Associate Vice Chancellor Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Steven Huffstutler. He wrote that information technology services workers were able to stop the attack before it caused “irreparable damage” and that no data was stolen. Approximately 100 servers and backup servers were shut down.


However, multiple systems have crashed and data has been inaccessible for more than a week. Health services, housing, ID card and cash registers were among the systems restored first, but faculty and staff home directories were still locked nine days later. Eduroam, the system that permits wifi access in many buildings on campus, has periodically been unavailable during the efforts to restore systems.


Among the systems impacted: The Alestle’s own computer system was severely hampered by the cyberattack, with its drive still locked up at press time.


As of press time, the research system SPSS has been restored, along with the Early Childhood Center’s system, but faculty drives have “hit a few setbacks,” Huffstatler wrote.


“We will be working with an outside cyber-insurance firm to try to secure and restore faculty access to files,” Huffstutler wrote. The university also will be working with the outside firm to assess SIUE’s cybersecurity to prevent future attacks.


Anyone with questions is asked to contact the ITS Help Desk at or call 650-5500.


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Max Richards

This situation should not have happened in the first place. This screams irresponsibility. Their employees should read this step by step guide on how to backup your google drive at and protect your cloud drive from being breached or stolen during cyber attacks.

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