Following the CDC’s updated guidelines, SIUE has loosened the requirements of wearing masks and maintaining social distance for fully vaccinated individuals, but stay the same for those who aren’t vaccinated.

According to an email sent to the SIUE community, all students, faculty and staff are required to continue wearing masks in all public indoor spaces. Masks are considered optional for outdoor spaces unless social distancing cannot be maintained. 

For places considered private or semi-private, such as offices, private meetings, conference rooms, etc., masks are optional — this applies only to individuals who have been fully vaccinated. All individuals who haven’t been vaccinated must continue to wear a mask and  maintain proper social distance in indoor settings. Individuals are required to continue wearing masks on the Cougar Shuttle and other public transportation as well as inside instructional and clinical spaces.

If you are fully vaccinated, the social distancing guidelines have changed to allow individuals to view distancing as optional. However, places where pre-positioned seating is located should not be removed or moved to another location. Individuals who aren’t vaccinated must continue to space themselves appropriately. 

All individuals should continue to bring a mask when visiting campus and wear them when deemed necessary by the new guidelines. Supervisors may ask employees to show proof of vaccination, but it is optional for employees to disclose their vaccination status. If they choose not to, they must follow the same guidelines as unvaccinated individuals.

SIUE said they want the community to continue to wear masks if they feel comfortable wearing them. They also said an individual's vaccination status should not be assumed based on their behavior.

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